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Website Terms & Conditions



Terms and guidelines displayed below will be heavily enforced – to protect the ESH Business. We are a family company established in early 1999 with our News & Accessories Website now receiving over 22 million visitors annually. With more similar websites evolving – any reproduction of Emma’s exclusive ideas/concepts, wording, Terms or photos will be contested legally by our company’s Solicitors.
Emma’s Website is formally Emma’s Show Horses.



  • Where Emma’s Website has sponsored events with “Gift Vouchers” – the following conditions apply:-
  • Vouchers must be redeemed prior to the expiration date.
  • Not Redeemable for Cash
  • Vouchers providing Classifieds or Accessories donations can not be combined to only Accessories use.
  • A maximum of 3 of our donated Vouchers can be used in one transactions.
  • Can be shared or provided to a friend with notification to Emma’s

ESH expressly prohibits any third party to reproduce, copy, modify or redesign, in any manner, any of the ESH/Emma’s Logo/s. ESH expressly prohibits the copying of any  ESH photograph or ESH digital picture detailing any of the exclusive Emma’s Show Horses accessories and designs for other marketing or advertising purposes, or to import any external party or business interest.  All pictures and exclusive ESH designs contained on this website are licenced to ESH and shall not be reproduced without the written permission of the proprietors of ESH.  Any pictures found to be displayed on ANY private or commercial website, EBAY or other online sales resource without the express written permission of ESH will result in legal action against the website owner or sales person listed.

  • NO ESH/Emma’s  IMAGE can be tampered, cropped or changed at any time – copyright to ESH 2017.
  • NO part of the Emma’s Website can be copied, interpretted or removed for redesign by any other website. Online resources found to have represented the Emma’s website design, content or wording in any way will results in legal action against the website owner or sales person listed as primarily contact.



ESH reserves the right to amend or change any part of ths site in text content, prices of accessories or pictorials without notice to viewers or customer.  All Other Photography, Graphics, Images, Text and ALL ATTACHMENTS including Show Results collated by ESH Representative or Show Programs created or edited by ESH, Terms or Wording expressly created by Emma’s staff for the Emma’s Website only. These may only be reproduced with the express permission of Emma’s and acknowledgement to the Emma’s Site. These guidelines are heavily enforced – to protect the ESH Business – a family established company.

These are copyright. Any infringement of the above copyright shall be contested through legal sources!   Copyright 1999 – 2017.



Emma’s will NOT comment or provide details other than those published and available online for the 6 month validity, for use in legal action or disputes. It is the purchasers responsibility to save and download information about an item they are purchasing for future reference. The Emma’s Website does not archive classifieds – they are automatically removed from the website after 6 months.

Emma’s makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information published on this website, we take no responsibility for errors or omissions or for any consequences of reliance on this website. Emma’s Website prints advertisements provided only by advertisers but gives no warranty and makes no representation as to the truth, accuracy or sufficiency of any advertisement or any description, photograph or statement.

Advertisers – upon and by lodging material with Emma’s for publication have authorised & approved the publication of all material  and Emma’s will not be held responsible for any actions, claims or proceedings of any kind whatsoever arising from the publication of that material, with any individuals. The Emma’s Website for Online Classifieds is an advertising source only.


  • Emma’s Website does not refund advertisers once advertisements have appeared online for ‘change of mind’.



  • All advertisements must be paid in full prior to being published online. Premium Business Classified where accounts have not been settled in full within 14 – 30 days of details being listed – advertisements will be removed.


Emma’s does not provide refunds where classifieds have been received, prepared and formatted then published online, if the item sells prior . Advertisements containing photographs take our staff time to download, crop and prepared in a preferred size for viewing, and the formatting of the website for the placement of the advertisement – this is including in our pricing and policies as such. Our staff at Emma’s provide a service which can be timely and thus fee’s are set.


Emma’s Show Horses Accessories Customers – Australia Post Parcel Delivery & Tracking.
Please note – ESH Does not take responsibility for parcels/goods once they have been posted. ESH provides all reference & tracking details for all parcels where required by customers by phone or email. We regret that once parcels have been posted and details appear on the Australia Post website - there is little we can do to assist from that point in the delivery of parcels out of our office hours. Refunds will not be issued due to parcels not arriving for their intended timeframe where is has been the delay or liberty of the Australian Postal service. Thank you

  • In over 18 years of service our business has experienced very few items being completely misplaced by Australia Post or our couriers. In the very unlikely event a parcel is not received, ESH will replace the product upon official confirmation from Australia Post of the parcel being lost. Should no details be received from the Postal Service – a signed and authenticated official Statutory Declaration must be signed by an official Public Service member and returned to Emma’s whereby our Solicitors will authenticate. Upon confirmation we will proceed with replacement products and delivery through an alternative method to the customer promptly.
  • Australia Post or Courier delays are beyond the control of ESH. Refunds will not be given where an incorrect address has been supplied or item not received in time due to postal delays. We strongly recommend customers choose the Registered Mail or Express post option when ordering – a Tracking number can be provided to the customer. Unfortunately once the parcel has been posted and receipts provided to ESH by Australia post – all matters relating to non receipt or damage during delivery, can only be discussed with Australia Post.



By ordering ESH Products, you agree to the following conditions.


We ask all customers to ready the following policies carefully before choosing to order ESH Products. These are our company policies, and orders will be taken based on customers accepting the following guidelines. Products that are made to order, all sales are final.  All Emma’s Show Horses Accessories are fully guaranteed against defective workmanship or material. Defective Accessories must be returned to ESH within 3 days of notification. Postage charges are not refundable. Please ready carefully for ‘Custom Orders’.


  • If a standard product has been ordered and is deemed to not fit due to size not fitting – we will happily exchange the item for another of the same item,  in the correct size.  Items considered not suitable will be provided with a credit note. E.g Saddle Pad Sizes.
  • Refunds will only be provided if an item is deemed to be faulty, this will be determined by ESH upon return receipt, not due to a customer no longer liking the items they have ordered.
  • “Custom Orders’ where a customer chooses specific Designs and additions, items will not be refunded if the customer receives them and simply no longer likes what they have chosen.
  • When orders are received ‘on behalf’ on a client by another person, no exchange or refund will be given if the receiver does not like what the ordering party has conveyed to ESH. Please ensure if ordering for someone else, they are aware of your instructions to ESH.
  • ESH will not refund if an incorrect Accessory, Colour or style has been ordered. 
  • Refunds do not apply for for misuse of the product or for normal wear and tear
  • Please choose carefully when ordering Accessories to be embroidered – as NO refunds will be given for lettered items -  when sizing and measurements have been provided to ESH by the customer. or a size was not specified in order (eg. Saddle Cloth sizes).
  • Embroidery- Please choose items carefully as any item which is embroidered will not be refunded or exchanged unless the item is deemed to be faulty. Embroidery must be supplied to ESH in Fax or Email to guarantee for correct spelling.
  • Any Accessory agreed by ESH to be refunded/credited must be returned undamaged and unused or notified to ESH in writing or by phone within 3 days of receipt.  Postal Charges are not refundable. Outside the 3 day period – a Credit Note for 6 months will be provided only at ESH discretion. With Any notification received by Phone or email to ESH – the item must be returned to ESH in the above timeframes. We will not refund or exchange on items then returned months later after notification.
  • PVC, Leather or other Fabric colours may appear lighter or darker or colour slightly varied on the website due to customer computer software. ESH will not be held responsible for colours ordered not matching for other products. 
  • Pictures shown on the ESH website of Accessories – colours are a guide only. Colours are closely matched to our display charts however sometimes , PVC and Sheepskin can vary which is out of our control. As individual computers and monitors can present different shades of colours – ESH can not be held responsible should a customers computer display a different image. Samples are offered at customers request.
  • No refunds or exchanges will be given for colours not matching their intended purpose, or for colour matching for products not purchased from ESH.
  • CUSTOMERSBy ordering or purchasing through ESH, you agree to the above terms and conditions. In our 18 years experience of manufacturing products for the equine community, we obide by the above conditions. All of the ESH products are very popular and available in many Equine Saddleries and Stores in all states of Australia and overseas Saddleries. In 18 years of business, we have seldom received any complaints or returns from customers. We have too many testimonials to publish, however grateful to our loyal customers.



Promotions & Sales listed on ESH are for the specified time only. Please advise ESH of correct measurements for specially made items, as products which do not fit due to incorrectly given sizes or colours which do not match -  will not be refunded or exchanged.  ESH will advise customers of exact measurements required on specific products.



All Emma’s Show Horses Accessories which detail “Design Exclusive to ESH” are copyright to Emma’s Show Horses. These designs. images and patterns MUST not be copied without the express written permission to ESH. All pictures and designs are owned and manufactured exclusively to ESH. Copyright 1999 – 2016. Any breach of ESH Designs or pictures will be vigorously contested through legal sources.  Contact ESH should you require further details.  See ESH Disclaimer on main menu for full details.

The above ESH Conditions have been in place since September 1999 and remain current and valid as at 1st January 2017.


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Official supplier for the SHC 2018/19 Grand Nationals.


Platinum or Standard, catering for all event levels.


Rosettes - A great idea for Events on a budget.





Royal Show Garlands


2017 Champion Galloway Canberra Royal Show




2017 Canberra Royal
Champion Hack
Photo - Lisa Gordon


Supreme Champion Launceston Royal


NSW SHC Country Hack Championships


SHC Horse of the Year


Northern NSW Show Horse Hack Championships


QLD Arabian Championships


East Coast Arabian Championships


SHC Grand National Qualifiers


Catering for all sizes of Garlands Minature to XL


Adelaide Royal Show


EA Horse of the Year


Andalusian Championships


World Cup Showjumping


Shetland Pony Shows


Equestrian NSW Shows


Emma's Show Horse Championships