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Championships – Conditions & Definitions

As at 1st June 2017 – relevant to the 2017 ESH Championships


Below is the 2017 ESH Show Horse & Breed Championships. Please note – all competitors must agree and abide by the rules below and accept the conditions to be able to proceed to the Entries on NOMINATE. Competitors please ensure you familiarise yourself with the rules below.

By entering the ESH Championships – you agreed to abide by the conditions below. The NOMINATE Logo shown here will redirect you to the Online Entries website. Please contact us if you cannot meet the deadline or require entry forms.

  • All Competitors entering must be a current financial member of a Hack or Breed Association. For Example – EFA, SHC, Riding Pony, Arabian, ANSA etc etc. Particularly for breed classes where Horses & Owners are to be registered. When entering the show – you will need to specify at least one Association you are a member of which carries insurance as part of its membership fee. Horses height details need to be stated in the entries where the horse is competing in a Height event.
  • The ESH Team is run the ESH Championships to be a competitor friendly show.
  • Show Updates prior and on the day of the show will be down through:- Emma’s Website, ESH Championships & ESH Facebook pages.
  • The ESH Championships shall be run in accordance with the Emma’s Show Horses Official Competition Rules. Prior to entering, please ensure you read the following rules carefully and understand the conditions. By entering you agree and abide by ALL the rules below.
  • This event will run regardless of weather conditions. Should the day experience unseasonal weather, it is the sole choice of the competitor, handlers, riders, owners & spectators to attend and compete. No refunds will be entered into for any reasons for competitor not competing in circumstances regarding weather.
  • The RAS of NSW Horse Events office has again confirmed this event as a performance show to be used along with other qualifications obtained, accepted for use in show qualifications for the 2019 Royal Show qualification period commencing November 2018.
  • The ESH Championships Committee reserves the right to interpret all questions and conditions and shall make any relevant decisions in regard to, or arising from any incident at or pertaining to this Show, without claim for damages or recourse of any kind. Any questions not covered in the Conditions of Entry will be decided by ESH Committee. It’s decision will be final. All competitors, handlers, assistants, spectators, Trade Stand employees compete/attend the ESH Championships at Hawkesbury Grounds, Clarendon at their OWN RISK to their person, property, transport and other
    items. All horses shown at own risk to owner/handler/rider. The ESH Committee will not be liable for any injury or incident arising from this event. It is a condition of entry to accept this decision.
  • Entry and Competition in the ESH Championships is voluntary. By Entry it is the Absolute Liability of all participants to agree to be bound by the decisions of The ESH Show Committee in accordance with all Rules applicable to the Competition.
  • Entry to this Event shall constitute an agreement and affirmation by the Exhibitor(s)/Owner(s), Responsible Officer (which includes Lessee(s) / Manager / Rider / Handler) to compete subject to and in accordance with the ESH Competition / Rules and Conditions applicable to this Event.
  • Any Incidents of non-compliance with the Rules and/or instructions of Show Officials will result in disciplinary action by the ESH Committee.
  • Online Entries must be fully completed through NOMINATE. Entries will only be accepted from Owners / Exhibitors / Lessees / Competitors / Responsible Officers full financial members of an official Breed or Hack Association. Copy of Member Card(s) or receipt of membership to be provided upon entering the show.
  • ESH Championships Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry, without assigning any reason, to any claim made against the ESH Championships should an entry be refused
  • This event would only be postponed if a catastrophic Fire or Weather warning was issued by relevant Government Authorities and whereby the Showground Officials closed the showgrounds to the public. An alternate date within 21 days of the planned event, would be sort if possible for the competition to continue. Only those entrants unable to attend a rescheduled event,  would receive Refunds.
  • All horses competing in this Event (including Rider Classes) shall be registered with an Official Hack or Breed Society – Proof of registration required. Any horse found to be competing with falsely provided registration or membership details will be immediately disqualified from the event and the Name of the Horse & responsible officer will be published on the Emma’s Show Horses Website Newsroom.
  • Any horses entering and competing at the ESH Championships who have required veterinary care prior and received substances, which may be shown in a random swabbing test – a statutory declaration must be submitted to ESH prior to the competition date. This information will be kept confidential by the ESH Committee and only used should the horse in question be selected for swabbing.
  • Any horses entering and competing at the ESH Championships who have required veterinary care prior and received substances, which may be shown in a random swabbing test – a statutory declaration must be submitted to ESH prior to the competition date. This information will be kept confidential by the ESH Committee and only used should the horse in question be selected for swabbing.
  • The ESH Show Committee reserves the right to change any Judge without notice.
  • The ESH Committee reserves the right to alter the Program, Judges and any other matters pertaining to this Show without notice.
  • A protest can only be placed for alleged violations of the Rules.
  • Protests must be delivered “in writing” to the ESH Championships Show Committee, no later than one hour after the Class in question. A $100.00 Protest Fee must accompany the Protest and will be forfeited if the Protest is not upheld. The Ground Jury will adjudicate, in private, on any Protests. The ESH Championships reserve the right to call any relevant witnesses for consideration in their deliberations. Information received for any protests will remain confidential within the ESH Championships Committee and outcomes only divulged to those in question and the relevant ring Judge. The decisions of the  ESH Championships Protest Committee shall be final.


General Competition Rules

  • There are NO qualifications requirements needed to enter the ESH Show Horse Championships.
  • Children Under the age of 18 years must wear a helmet (meeting recognised Safety Standards)., with safety harness – e.g Charles Owen/Derby etc.
  • Adult riders may choose to wear a helmet (meeting recognised Safety Standards), with safety harness – e.g Charles Owen/Derby etc or at own risk at Skull Cap, Bowler Hat or Top Hat.
  • All Junior Riders competing in Rider Class events or Leading Rein will receive a ribbon/prize, regardless of placing
  • All riders regardless of competing in an event or practising must be wearing a helmet.
  • A ‘Youth’ is a person who will be under the age of 18 years on the Day of the Show. Those aged 18 on the day are Adult Riders.
  • Show Hunters – It is preferred that horses competing in Show Hunter events wear a plain non coloured browband, however due to the amount of classes at this event, judges will be asked to excuse any competitor who asked to be excused from this rule for an individual class. However all mounts competing for Champion Show Hunter Titles must wear a plain browband for the Championship judging. Time may be allowed by the Judges and Stewards for bridle swaps.
  • In Show Hunter events – the judges may ask competitors for a hand gallop. This is to be done at a safe pace and we ask competitors not to be irresponsible in their speed of pace and to be mindful of other competitors. Any rider who does not feel comfortable with the workout will need to express their wishes to the judge, for their decision for ongoing judging.
  • Judges officiating at the ESH Show are under no obligation to award 1st, 2nd or 3rd place if they consider such placing not up to standard.
  • Competitor Responsibility – a) It is the Competitor’s/Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure eligibility for a class.
  • Where any ineligibility to compete may occur, the Competitor/Exhibitor (not the judge) should withdraw from the class/event. Competitor/Exhibitor/Owner, should not compete under any Judge where a breach of these Rules may occur. It is the responsibility of the Competitor/Exhibitor to ascertain who is the Judge of any class/event he/she intends to compete in. Where a conflict may occur, the onus, in the first instance, is on the Competitor/Exhibitor to abide by the Rules and withdraw from competition. In the second instance, a Judge should not knowingly judge an ineligible entrant. Ignorance will not be accepted as a defence for breach of the Rule.
  • Any dealings between judges and competitors from 1st July 2016 for Horse Purchase, Showing or Preparation of a horse, Training/Lessons for Horse or Rider, Business transactions where money exchanges hands for the fore mentioned reasons or Family matters (related by blood or marriage) will deem a competitor ineligible to compete. Social occasions will not be considered formal interaction. Gifts or product giving will not be considered business transactions.
  • A Competitor/Exhibitor or a member of their family shall not approach a Judge with regard to a decision, unless they first obtain permission from the Ringmaster or the Ring Steward who may arrange an appointment with the Judge, at an appropriate place and time. The Judge or Official may refuse the request. A representative of ESH shall remain present during any such discussion/meeting.
  • Any alleged acts of cruelty are to be reported to the ESH Committee in writing. The statement referring to the alleged cruelty should be supported by signed statements from two witnesses. The matter will be dealt with in a confidential manner with ESH Officials.
  • A Competitor/Exhibitor shall at all times behave in a proper and respectful manner to Judges, Show Officials and their fellow competitors.
  • It is the onus is on the Competitor/Exhibitor to ensure that the Horse/Rider/Handler is eligible for any class entered and/or competed in.
  • Falsification of any information on any documentation (including entry forms) supplied to ESH shall be considered a Breach of Rules.
  • Any defaced or altered Certificate or any Certificate containing false information shall be deemed to be invalid.
  • Any invalid Registration or Height Certificate shall render the horse ineligible to compete the current ESH Show and possibly future events.
  • Any horse, rider or owned found to be suspended from official competitors through disciplinary action, will need to advised the ESH Committee prior to submitting entries for this event, for the ground jury to decide if the entry can be accepted.
  • Any Owner, Rider, Handler, Competitor or Responsible officer deemed to have provided incorrect entry information, intentionally compete in a class where they are ineligible or not abide by the Rules and Regulations of the ESH Event, may be asked to leave grounds and disqualified without refund.
  • An ESH Official, the Ringmaster and or Judge may request any unruly horse be removed from the ring and or grounds. The competition should not continue until the horse is removed as requested.
  • There will be no fraternisation between Competitor and Judge during the Show.
  • Should a rider have more than one horse entered in an event – a Strapper will be permitted to enter the ring to hold a horse whilst and rider competes on their other mounts. In Championship events, one Horse one rider at all times including presentation.
  • Martingales, any kinds of gadgets (bearing, side, running, balance reins etc), any kind of boots or bandages, any form of blinkers are forbidden.
  • Whips must have a leather keeper at least 5cm long and 2cm wide and must not exceed 75cm in length, excluding the leather keeper (flap).
  • Spurs other than dummy spurs exceeding 2cm in length are not permitted.
  • Unsafe, cruel, ill-fitting or unsuitable gear or saddlery must be replaced or removed at the request of the Judge, Ringmaster or Show Official. Failure to comply with such a request will mean the horse and/or rider is ineligible to compete.
  • Responsible Officer – Is a person, who must be the Owner or Lessee or Exhibitor of the horse and is the person deemed responsible for the horse in respect to these Rules.
  • Ringside Instruction or Tuition – Instruction of horse or rider in a small group or individually during an event, if requested by the Judge will result in the horse/rider being disqualified from the event.
  • Publication of Results and Photos from this event. It is a condition of entry that all competitors, owners, responsible officers and those associated with horses being exhibited at the ESH Championships consent to their results and any competition related photos being published on the ESH Official Websites or any other media source for the purposes of result reporting and current and future event promotion.


Program of Events – ESH Show Horse Championships & Breed Championships

  • The Four (4) Official ESH Show Horse Judges will rotate to judge the Open Hack, Show Hunter and Rider events for the Championships.
  • Three (3) Judges at each time will stand separately for the judging of the above Championships with placing’s confirmed by our Ringmaster for the awards presentation
  • All four (4) Open Judges listed will combine to judge the Grand Champion events listed in the Saddle Horse section of the program.
  • All four (3) Breed Judges listed will combine to judge the Grand Champion events listed in the Breed section of the program.
  • The ESH Show Committee reserve the right to swap or change any judges for the judging of Grand Champion, in the event of sickness, early departure from the event or other unforeseen circumstances
  • All other events in the ESH Championships program will be judged solely by the listed Judge in the ring program.
  • The Judges decision is final.
  • ESH have tried to ensure minimal class clashes will occur in our scheduling. Should you see that a class you have entered may clash – please advise the Ringmaster as soon as possible. Our Ringmaster in consultation with the Judge(s) will use their discretion on the time allowed for competitors to hold up any of the rings. Championship Events will not be held for competitors if they are not presented in the ring for the commencement of the event. Please note the Ringmaster’s decision will be final
  • The ESH Show Committee reserve the right to add or alter any classes to the show schedule at any time or during the competition day.
  • In the event of Classes having large numbers entered, judges will have catered for them additional ribbons should they wish to split classes further. This will be entirely the discretion of the Judge/ Steward and confirmation received to the Ringmaster.
  • In the event that a Ring may finish early and others still have many events to be judged – The Show Committee may choose to allow the finished Judge to take on classes from other rings, to ensure a timely finish for all competitors especially prior to the judging of Grand Champions.  Should this occur, competitors will be advised by our announcer with time allowed for them to prepare for any changes.


Horse Height Classes – Measuring Certificates & Proof of Registration/Memberships.

  • For the 2017  please note:- NO PENDING Registrations and NO PENDING Memberships will be accepted. Full, current and financial details must be up to date at the time of entering this event.
  • All Horses entering and competing in the ESH Championships where Height Classes are specified must hold a current Height Certificate with either the EA, SHC or an official measurement document providing the horses current height. Proof of height will be requested at time of entering. Should any protests result on the day of competition where a horses height is questioned – it is a condition of entry that any horse not holding a current height certificate or proof of height card – be measured on the day for the purposes the class entered.
  • Competitors will be required to have all current registration papers and Society/Association current membership cards and Height Certificates in the event of any protests. Registration details have been lodged online when entering – copy proof may still be asked by any ESH Officials on the day. All competitors must be current financial members of a society, including insurance and public liability to be eligible to compete.


Class Definitions

  • Horses competing in Ridden Events rings 1 – 4 must be a minimum of 3 years of age as at 1st August
  • The Age of riders is that on the day of competition for this event being Saturday 25th November 2017.
  • A ‘Youth’ is a person who will be under the age of 18 years on the Day of the Show. Those aged 18 on the day are Adult Riders.
  • In classes that cater for Stallions in both Led and Ridden – the stallion must be kept under control at all times. Competitors/owners of stallions are requested to be mindful of their stallion’s behaviour towards other horses in their classes. In practice or marshalling areas, if handlers are concerned, we asked them to alert those near to them that a stallion is in the vicinity. Stallions can only be handled or ridden by an adult aged 18 or over.
  • Newcomer – Is a horse that has not competed under saddle, excluding racing, prior to 1st January 2017. Horse will be  required to be shown in a snaffle bit. This includes not to have been shown under saddle at ANY events, including Pony Club, Gymkhana’s, Dressage etc.
  • Preliminary Classes – Horses 3 years of age and over that have not placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an individual Open Class, Ladies, Gents or Childs in Open or Show Hunter Event at any Royal Show (Bathurst, Toowoomba, Geelong included) – or been Winner of the Champion title “Horse of the Year” or the title “Runner-Up Horse of the Year” at ANY Horse of the Year Show – or been the Champion of any Horse of the Year Intermediate or Preliminary Competition prior to the date of ESH Show.
  • Exhibitors must choose to compete either as a Show Horse or Show Hunter – NOT BOTH. This applies for events such as Newcomer, Preliminary, Amateur, Youth, Owner Rider & Led Events.  You must decide whether your horse is an Open Horse or Show Hunter.
  • Owner Rider – The competitor entering this class, rider MUST be the owner or immediate family member of the name stated on registration papers.
  • Amateur Rider / Owner – The Rider/Leader Owner of the horse competing in these events  for the past 3 years has/have not derived any fee, sponsorship, gift or reward or be or have been in any way subsidised or reimbursed for his/her services connected in any respect whatsoever with Coaching, Training, Riding or Showing of any horse for any other person.. The horse shown in an Amateur Class must be owned and exhibited by the rider who is an Amateur and/or a member of the Rider’s Immediate Family, for a period of not less than 90 Days. The horse must not have been shown OR ridden OR trained by a Non- Amateur within the previous 90 days prior to the ESH Championships Show.
  • Rider 12 Years & under Walk & Trot Only – Double or Snaffle Bridles allowed providing the appropriate safety measures have been met. Walk and Trot work out only will be given. Riders in this event cannot be entered for any other Rider Class (Open or Amateur) or Led Rider Class other than Leading Rein. This event is designed for those who can not ride on their own, on the day of the show.
  • Family – Pair of 2 Riders – Available for Parent & Child, Siblings – pair of riders must be from immediate family. Step Parents/Children eligible. Any ages.
  • Youngstock Events – for horses aged 3 years and under.  All over events for horses aged 4 and over as of 1st August 2017.
  • Double Chance  Open / Show Hunter / Rider Classes – Only eligible to those who have not won 1st Place in their previous individual Open /Show Hunter Events at the ESH Championships. Double Chance class winner also eligible for Champion. These Class must be entered at the time of entry, no Day entry.. Only 1st Place winners are eligible for the Champion & Runner Up Judging.  Competitors who win an Open event may still compete in their childs/adults class. All classes must be pre-entered.
  • Adults & Childs Open Events – competitors may enter both Classes however if a Horse is successful in one, they then can not compete in the other event.
  • Leading Rein Events – for horses (All breeds) under 12.2hh at the ESH Show. Rider can be the age 10 years or under.
  • Girl or Boy Rider (12 years and Under to be led) – Riders must be led by a handler in this event. Double or Snaffle Bridles allowed providing the appropriate safety measures have been met. Walk and Trot work out only will be given. Riders in this event can not be entered for any other Rider Class (Open or Amateur) or Led Rider Class other than Leading Rein. This event is designed for those who can not ride on their own, on the day of the show.
  • Multi Registered Events – for Horses with One or More registration. Including Coloured horses, all breeds. SHC or EFA Registrations not included
  • Unregistered Events – for Horses not registered with Any breed society, Hack Association or be filled in any National Database.


Awards/ Prizes – Horses/Riders Eligible

  • First place winners are eligible for their respective Championships in Led, Ridden or Rider. Following the decision for Champion, the 2nd place winner to that Champion will present to the judge for the decision of the Reserve/Runner Up award. If more than one horse has placed 2nd to the Champion from multiple classes – both horses will present for the  Reserve decision. Under no circumstances shall a Judge award equal Champions.
  • PLEASE NOTE:- For Open Saddle Horse & Show Hunter Championships ONLY THE FIRST PLACE Winners will be eligible to compete for the Championships (Open & Double Chance Winners – adults & child’s if applicable) as Judges will be scoring exhibits and placing accordingly. The highest scoring horse will be declared as Champion and 2nd highest declared at Runner Up. Decided only from the 1st place winners.
  • Marena Accolade Memorial Award – Both the Champion Small Show Hunter Galloway & Large Show Hunter Galloway are eligible. Regardless of the winner, both horses are still eligible for the Grand Champion Show Hunter of Show.
  • Grand Champion Rider of Show – Champion Junior Rider, Champion Senior Rider & Champion Adult Rider eligible.
  • Grand Champion Ridden Show Horse of Show – All Champion Open Pony Hacks, Champion Open Galloway’s Champion Open Hacks.
  • Grand Champion Ridden Show Hunter of Show – All Champion SH Pony Hacks, Champion SH Galloway’s, Champion SH Hacks.
  • Grand Champion Youth Exhibit of Show – All Champion Open & Show Hunter Events from the Youth section. Champions from these events can only compete in the Grand Champion Youth and not the Open Grand Champion, unless they have also won an Open Championship.
  • Grand Champion Led Exhibit of Show – All Individual Breed Champions & Supremes Eligible. Champion Led Open Ponies, Galloway, Hacks & Open Show Hunter Ponies, Galloway & Hack Led Champions, Led Amateur All breeds Exhibit also Eligible
  • Grand Champion Ridden Breed of Show – All Individual Ridden Breed Champions & Supremes Eligible.
  • Supreme Champion Breed Awards – in each respective category – only those who have been awarded Champion Led are eligible for Supreme Awards where catered for.
  • At the ESH Championships – competitors must choose to be ether a Show Horse Open or Show Hunter Open – NOT BOTH. This includes Led Events, Open events, Amateur, Owner Rider, Newcomer, Leading Rein and Preliminary events. We encourage competitors to remain in their respective categories that they have chosen to compete in at other events previously, and not swap in the interest of judges named at this event.
  • ESH is extremely grateful to all the sponsors who make our event possible. Many prizes are donated by our sponsors. Whilst we make every effort to ensure as many winners as possible take home prizes, it is sometimes beyond the control of the ESH team should a sponsor or prize giver neglect, rescinded, default or not present to ESH the promised published prize. In the unfortunate event of this occurring, given appropriate notice the ESH Team will try to ensure a replacement is provided on the day of the show, however in this instance this may not always be achievable and no action can be taken against the ESH team for any sponsor default.


Classes Available – Schedule of Fees

  • Class Entry Fees:-  $22.00 Per Class (Open Ridden Saddle Horse, Open Ridden Show Hunter, Open Rider)
    • Adults / Childs Show Hunter, Open Classes – $10.00
    • Double Chance Rider Classes – $15.00, where the rider is entered in the first Chance.
  • $15.00 Per Class all other events in Rings 1 – 5 inclusive
  • $10.00 Per Class ( All other events in Rings 6 – 8 inclusive)
  • All Competitors/Entrants must pay the ESH $25.00 Event Fee. This fee is per entry (not per horse, rider or handler) e.g One fee per complete entry.
    • Please note – as the Rudder Family are not a committee nor have “Memberships” that can help to assist our show, we require entrants to pay a one off Event Fee to help cover costs such as Insurance, First Aid & Ground Clean up. All other costs are covered by entry fees. This Event fee is still well below the average “Fee amount” charged by many other events.


Opening & Closing of Entry Dates – Through Nominate or Emma’s

  • ESH Championships Entries will open on 1st June 2017.
  • Entries can be made through the NOMINATE Online System. Only those wishing to Direct Deposit or through payment arrangements will enter through Emma’s Website via Entry forms.
  • Enter one class a week or as often as you like until the Closing date. Entries can be changed, altered, amended or refunded prior to the closing date.
  • Refunds are available prior to the closing date of entries – mine the Nominate Processing fee.
  • NO refunds will be given after close of entries being Monday 16th October for any reason. Entrants may contact ESH for amendments to entries in the event of Change of Horse/Rider, this will be at the discretion of Emma in relation to Cataloguing status.
  • OFFICIAL CLOSING DATE OF ENTRIES – Monday 16th October 2016 – Midnight
  • PART PAYMENTS – A Layby or Part payment service can be available, if prior arrangement has been made with Emma Rudder prior to the first closing date of entries.
  • NO entries will be accepted without full and complete payment unless a previously arranged payment arrangement has been made and confirmed to ESH prior to initial closing date of entries.


Sponsorship of Events

  • ESH always welcomes new Sponsors. With many events requiring sponsorship / product support, please don’t hesitate to contact ESH to show your support for the event. All new sponsors will be given advertising opportunities on the ESH Websites
  • ALL NEW SPONSORS as details are received will have their details published on both official ESH Websites.


Online Entries & Forms

  • Online Entries will be conducted with the NOMINATE Website.
  • Credit Card payments will be available through the above website. Entries will not be processed on the website for invalid or declined cards.
  • Only those wishing to Direct Deposit or through payment arrangements will enter through Emma’s Website via Entry forms. . These will be accepted by mail. Cheques/Money Orders are to be made payable to Emma’s Show Horses. Direct Deposit also available – please contact ESH for details.
  • Competitors will receive their Entrant Numbers for horses/riders/handler prior to the event. Any changes to this will result in all entrants being contacted.
  • Please try to ensure all entries are correct.  Whilst no entries will be returned if incorrect, we would like competitors to be careful and precise when choosing their classes especially in height and ages groups.
  • In the unlikely event that this Show would only be postponed if a ‘Catastrophic Fire or Weather’ warning was issued by relevant Government Authorities and whereby the Showground Officials closed the showgrounds to the public, An alternate date within 21 days of the planned event, would be sort if possible for the competition to continue. Only those entrants not able to attend a rescheduled event, in the case of a catastrophic weather scenario, would receive Show Refunds.
  • NO PENDING Horse Registrations or Society Memberships will be accepted. All details must be finalised prior to entering the show.
  • At the closure of entries, the ESH team will asses all classes and decide if further splits can be made to classes to allow for heights or ages groups. Should a large number of entries be received for any event, we will look to dividing the event further. Competitors will be contacted. To assist the ESH Team in this process – for this reason, unfortunately no late entries can be accepted.
  • ESH Championships is a “Clean Event”. All horses being entered have the chance of being swabbed at our event.
  • In the unlikely event of a Positive Swab result returned to the ESH committee, the usual legal processes will follow and under advisement of the ESH Legal team, once confirmed and accepted by the competitor – the Name of the Horse & responsible officer will be published on the Emma’s Show Horses Website Newsroom for 12 months and banned from the ESH Championships for 2 years. Applicable Hack Associations would be informed for their own procedures.


Stabling / Camping

  • Limited onsite stabling is available at the Hawkesbury Showgrounds with only 40 stables/day stables available. However the Championships may be acquiring Portable stabling to increase the number available. Details to come.
  • Stabling will be allocated on a first to notify ESH basis by email confirmation and with distance to be travelled.
  • Stables and Camping sites will NOT be available until 6am on the Friday morning – 24th November 2017. This is a showground, not ESH, Policy. ALL Stables are locked and will only be opened following payment.
  • Those requesting stables MUST EMAIL ESH at for bookings.
  • The Hawkesbury Showground permanent stables on the ground have been made available for the ESH Championships Show. Competitors requiring onsite stable bookings at the Hawkesbury Show Grounds must contact ESH by email to request a booking. The cost of the stabling, per the official published showground hire rate, will be passed onto the proprietors of the Showground.
  • Shavings and other needs will be at the competitors separate cost. Stables must be cleaned of manure and tidy prior to vacating.
  • Camping sites (per Vehicle) requiring power or just a space are available. These must also be booked through ESH. ALL Camping sites must be pre-booked. A representative from the Hawkesbury Showground will be inspecting all sites, those who are using power that have not pre booked or paid will be issued with an on the spot payment advise from the Showground Manager. This will be strictly enforced.


Communication to Competitors after closing Date of Entries.


  • Show Updates in the weeks leading up to the show prior will be published on the Newsrooms of:-
  • Emma’s Website –  & Emma’s Facebook page – Click here >>
  • During the week of Monday 20th November  leading up to the event, Daily updates will be published on the above.
  • Breast Plate numbers will be provided to competitors prior to the event. Details of this will be communicated to entrants after closing date.
  • Competitors will also be contacted by email – not phone.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact the ESH Team at any time prior to the show at
  • From Friday 24th November 6am the ESH Office phone will be diverted to our mobile service. The Team will be in attendance at the Hawkesbury Show Grounds from 12pm on the 24/11/16.


We look forward to having your support and attendance at the 8th Annual ESH Show Horse Championships and wish you the best of luck.




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